Examples of coaching

Coaching engagements are entirely confidential.  Some characterists can be described while ensuring confidentiality.

  • the CEO of a large Australian institution for five months prior to him taking the position at a time of organisational cultural challenge.
  • the CIO of a major health care institution for performance improvement and gaining general support among senior peers.
  • senior executives of a Federal Government Department to resolve conflict with external stakeholders.
  • senior membersof the legal profession during times of change
  • the CEO of a national bank during a complex corporate period.
  • Numerous individuals self-sponsored or through their organisations.

I also provide supervision for other coaches. My practice is psychoanalytically based and provides new insights and supports for coaches of other persuasions.


Outcomes of coaching:

Based on experience, my coaching develops and/or enhances capabilities for:

  • Identifying and dealing with the reasons for difficulties
  • Effectiveness and confidence in role
  • Increased leadership roles
  • Achieving performance expectations
  • Innovative solutions
  • Resolving personal desire, sense of self, and organisational role
  • Strategic perceptions of people, stakeholders, events and conditions
  • Reassessment and realignment of priorities
  • Objective assessment of positive and negative organisational responses
  • Increased awareness of the dynamics of people and groups
  • Identifying and working with new and modified opportunities
  • I become redundant when coaching objectives are achieved


Organisational Clients:


The list below are clients for whom I have provided organisational consulting including reviews and assessments of ongoing initiatives, projects and strategies. In addition to numerous re-engagements, commendations for my work has been given by external auditors and reviews, government treasuries assessments, and by awards and parliamentary citations of state and federal governments.


* multiple engagements:


Australian Federal Government*

U.S. Federal Government*

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Californian State Government

New South Wales Government

South Australian Government*

Victorian Government*


Adecco Group (Australia)*

A.N.Z. Bank*
Alcoa of Australia*
CitiPower (Electric utility)

Fiserv Corporation (Westpac)*

Marriott Corporation HQ*

Newmont Gold Mines

SunCorp Group

Territory Insurance Office

Zurich Insurance (Australia)


International Finance Corporation*
International Monetary Fund*

The World Bank*

Medical/Hospital Boards*

National Institutes of Health (USA)*

Monash University (Defense)

Professional Associations*

University of West Australia