My approach


Five essential elements of my coaching approach:

I provide:

  1. A safe, positive, respectful and confidential relationship with the client.
  2. Business and government experience to facilitate the client’s effective action.
  3. Psychoanalytic background for insight into personal and organisational dynamics.
  4. An understanding that multiple systems of influence surround the client.
  5. Facilitation with questioning and hypotheses of the client’s development of solutions.

Working with the client to identify and understand both known and unrecognised patterns of their thinking, perspectives, and attitudes is fundamental for them to achieve their objectives and advance their desires for work and beyond.


For boards of directors, committees, and teams, the resolution of differences internally and externally with stakeholders is the focus of my group coaching/facilitation. An approach I have developed over numerous consulting engagements is used to help groups gain a shared view of stakeholder dynamics and interests. Strategies are developed based on disciplined analysis of alternatives. I offer an information session on this approach.


 It has been said that organisational investment in coaching can, at times provide the quickest and most effective way to make a difference in the organisation, or team as well as the individual.


Supervision for coaches: A recent article on executive coaching noted that “coaches need their own analysis: where the knots they intend to untie for their clients will first have been untied within themselves.” My supervision is not only directed toward the effective methods and arrangements being used by coaches but, somewhat in line with the quote, focusses on the perspectives and assumptions they bring to the work.


All individual, team and organisational engagements are considered strictly confidential.